West German 4/4 1976 Erich Grunert Cello


West German 4/4 cello made by Erich Grunert in 1976.  Cello has very red varnish and has a two-piece back.  No serious repairs on this cello.


This 4/4 cello for sale was made in West Germany in 1976 by Erich Grunert.  Grunert had a reputation for making very decent cellos in his factory in Penzburg.  This particular Grunert Cello is unique from many others because it has a very red varnish and a two-piece back.  It is entirely carved, which is a huge step up over the West German laminated cellos of this period.  This cello has a nice feel to it; it plays easily with a tone that is deep and warm.  The only repair made to this cello is for a very small top crack by the saddle.

Priced at $5220.00, this Grunert would make a good cello for a serious student.

Item #: EGC
Condition: Used
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