Chinese 4/4 2007 William Hu & Snow JHS Cello


Chinese 4/4 cello made by William Hu & Snow in 2007.  Cello is new from workshop.

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Chinese 4/4 2013 West Coast Strings “Paolo Lorenzo” Cello


Chinese 4/4 Paolo Lorenzo cello made in 2013 for West Coast Strings.  Cello is in new condition.

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European 4/4 1800’s Bergonzi Copy Cello


This lovely full size Bergonzi copy cello was made in Europe in the late 1800’s. It has lovely wood throughout. It has a warm, rich sound. It has a few top repairs and rib repairs, but it does not have a soundpost crack.

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German 4/4 2010 Heinrich Gill Model #394 Cello


German 4/4 cello made by Heinrich Gill in 2010.  Cello is model #394 and serial no 3091.   Cello is new from the factory and is in perfect condition; no production blemishes or faults.

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West German 4/4 1976 Erich Grunert Cello


West German 4/4 cello made by Erich Grunert in 1976.  Cello has very red varnish and has a two-piece back.  No serious repairs on this cello.

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