Chinese 4/4 2013 West Coast Strings “Paolo Lorenzo” Cello


Chinese 4/4 Paolo Lorenzo cello made in 2013 for West Coast Strings.  Cello is in new condition.



This full size cello for sale was made in China in 2013 and imported by California’s West Coast Strings.  It is labeled “Paolo Lorenzo”, which is a student cello model.  This Paolo Lorenzo Cello is quite a good deal as it is hand-carved throughout, a feature often not seen in instruments this price.  It has a nicely flamed two-piece back.  The tone of the Lorenzo is moderately deep and somewhat sweet; it is not as gritty as some cellos.  It does not has any production flaws and is in excellent condition.

Priced at $3350.00, this Paolo Lorenzo cello would be appropriate for an advancing cellist.

Item #: PLC

Condition: New


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