Images of a 16 and 1/2 inch viola made by Erich Werner in Germany in 1978. Viola has a stamp at the neck juncture as well as nice carving all around.
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This handsome 16 & 1/2 inch viola was made in 1978 by German luthier Erich WernerThe 16 & 1/2" Werner Violahas an attractive yellow-brown varnish on finely crafted wood.  This viola projects well in large spaces and has many ringing overtones on both high and low notes.  There is no history of repairs with this instrument. 

Priced at $4095.00, this Werner viola would be an excellent choice for an advancing student who wants improved sound projection.

  • Item #: EWR
  • Condition: Used

West German 16 & 1/2" 1978 Erich Werner Viola

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