Romanian 4/4 2005 Simon Nandor Model #500 Violin
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This full size Romanian violin for sale was made in 2005 by Nandor Simon; it is model number 500.  Son of Sandor Simon, Nandor learned the trade of violin making from his father and is working in his father's shop in Romania.  This Simon Nandor Violin has the characteristic 35 years aged and highly flamed maple.  The back is made of one piece of wood and the varnish is a vibrant blonde color.  The fittings are of an attractive rosewood. This Simon Nandor violin was previously owned but has been kept perfectly; no repairs have been needed on this violin.  The tone is bright and projects well, although perhaps is not as deep as some more expensive instruments. 

Priced at $2695.00, this Simon violin will be an excellent match for a student looking for a big sound to play well.

  • Item #: SNV
  • Condition: Used

Romanian 4/4 2005 Simon Nandor Model #500 Violin

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