Intermediate Cellos

All instruments in this category are priced between $2600.00 and $6000.00 and are suitable for the player who is looking for improved tone and has advanced beyond beginner repetoire.  These instruments are superior to beginner cellos in playability and craftsmanship.

Images of a very red, West German made cello by Erich Grunert factory in Penzberg. This cello is from 1976 and is in excellent condition with a minor repair only.
West German 4/4 1976 Erich Grunert Cello

West German 4/4 cello made by Erich Grunert in 1976.  Cello has very red varnish and has a two-piece back.  No serious repairs on this cello.


Not all intermediate level cellos in our inventory are currently listed on this website.  Please contact us if you are curious about other instruments we may have or are interested in any of the following:

  • West Coast Strings Sandro Luciano, Chinese, $4800
  • Pegasus the Genoa, German, $3916
  • No name Chinese
  • No name German