Images of a full size viola bow made with a pernambuco wood stick and a nice snakewood frog. Images show that the bow is silver mounted and stamped "Müller" above the frog.
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This fancy German full size viola bow for sale was made by the K Müller Bow company for the Knilling String Company in 2011This bow meets standard Müller quality; it is made of fine pernambuco wood with the stick octagonal, strong, and straight.  The bow is visually appealing as it is silver mounted with a lovely snakewood frog.  There is extra silver on the frog, which gives the bow added value.  The silver also indicates that Müller knew this is a good bow; it draws a deep and lovely sound out of the viola.  Additionally, this Snakewood Müller Viola Bow has never been privately owned, leaving it in factory condition.  

For $1650.00, this Müller would be a good choice bow for an advanced violist, especially one with an eye for the beautiful.

  • Item #: KMU
  • Condition: New

German Full Size 2011 K Müller Silver Mount Snakewood Viola Bow

Price: $1,650.00
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