Images of a full size viola bow made in Germany by Müller. Images show the nice octagonal pernambuco stick, along with a silver mounted ivory frog.
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This excellent full size viola bow for sale is made by the K Müller Bow shop in Germany for the Knilling String CompanyThis bow's stick is octagonal in shape and made of pernambuco wood; the frog is of an attractive horn and is silver mounted.  In keeping with the tradition of K Müller, the bow handles well in a variety of stroke techniques and draws a smooth, even sound out of the viola.  The camber and balance are good, adding to the playability of this bow.  The Horn M&uul;ller Viola Bow is new from Müller, made in 2011, and has no observed faults. 

Priced at $1750.00, this horn frogged Müller will make a fine bow for the advanced violist.

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German Full Size 2011 K Müller Horn Frog Viola Bow

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