Images of a full size W Seifert cello bow. The bow is nickel mounted with a pernambuco stick, and it is stamped above the ebony frog. The cello bow has been completely refurbished by Master Hand Violin Shop.
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This very attractive German full-size cello bow for sale was made in the Lothar Seifert workshopThe Seifert Cello Bow's octagonal stick is made of pernambuco wood; the wood used is exceptionally lovely.  The bow has a nickel-mounted ebony frog.  This W Seifert has been previously used, but it has been completely refurbished by MHVS so that it is in perfect condition.  There is no warping on this cello bow and it has very good camber.  This bow grips the strings well and draws out a deep rich and smooth tone that all cellists are looking for. 

For $900.00, this Seifert bow will improve the sound of and ease the effort of playing for an advancing/advanced cellist.

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  • Condition: Used

German 4/4 Pernambuco Seifert Workshop Cello Bow

Price: $900.00
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