German 4/4 Otto Wunderlich Silver Mounted Cello Bow
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This attractive full size cello bow for sale was made by Otto Wunderlich of Wunderlich family fame.  Though not as famous as Frederick, Otto was a good bow maker in his own right.  This cello bow was made c 1920, once Otto had returned to Germany from Russia.  It has "Otto Wunderlich" stamped above the frog, as well as "GERMANY" by the butt; the "OW" symbol is stamped into the frog.  This bow has a fine silver mounting, silver winding, and a nice pernambuco stick.  The stick is octagonal in shape.  The Wunderlich Cello Bow has a good camber, no warping, and a strong, deep and powerful sound.  There are signs of wear on this bow, but there is no damage

For $2000.00, this bow would make a lovely choice for an advanced cellist.

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German 4/4 Otto Wunderlich Silver Mounted Cello Bow

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