Images of the frog, tip, stick, and stamp of a full size Müller violin bow with an ebony frog. The bow was made in Germany and is new.
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This nice full size violin bow for sale was made in Germany by the K Müller Bow factory workshop for the Knilling String CompanyThe bow was made in 2012, although it is in new condition and has no faults.  Like most Müllers, the stick is made of pernambuco wood and is octagonal in shape; the frog is made of ebony.  The Müller Violin Bow handles very well for an intermediate level bow and has good camber; it can easily play a variety of strokes.  This Müller draws a nice even and smooth sound out of the violin. 

Priced at $525.00, this bow will pair excellently with most any violin of the advancing violin student.

  • Item #: KMB
  • Condition: New

German 4/4 2012 K Müller Pernambuco Violin Bow

Price: $525.00
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