German 4/4 2010 K Müller Brazilwood Cello Bow
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This nice full-size German cello bow for sale was made by the K Müller factory for the Knilling String Company in 2010.  The Müller's stick is made of brazilwood and is round in shape; the frog is well-fitted to the stick and is ebony.  This bow is one of the nicest brazilwood cello bows made by Müller and in many ways performs better than similarly priced pernambuco wood bows.  This particular bow plays many strokes well and draws a nice sound from the cello.  As a recently manufactured bow, it has no warping or factory defects.  This bow would make a good choice for an advancing cello student who is looking for a good bow at a very reasonable price.

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  • Condition: New

German 4/4 2010 K Müller Brazilwood Cello Bow

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