German 4/4 1990 Kagan and Gaines Violin
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This full size violin for sale was made in a German factory for the Chicago based importer, Kagan and GainesThis violin was made some time in the 1990's; it does not have a date marked on the label.  The wood on this violin is quite attractive; the back is a lovely one-piece back with good flame.  There are no repairs to this violin, but the violin does have a few varnish dings from previous handling.  This Kagan and Gaines Violin has a bright sound; it sounds like a stereotypical German violin. 

Priced at $1500.00, this violin would be well suited for an aspiring student who likes German instruments.

  • Item #: KGV
  • Condition: Used

German 4/4 1990 Kagan and Gaines Violin

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