Images of a German factory violin made around 1930 and imported by Merson Importers. Images show that violin is labeled as a "Concert Model" violin.
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This full size violin for sale was made in a German factory and imported into the US by Merson around 1930Merson advertized it as a "Concert Model", and it has serial number 2235.  This violin is in good condition with no serious repairs; it has a spirit varnish.  The sound of this Merson Concert Violin is bright but not as full as more advanced violins. 

Priced at $575.00, this Merson violin would be suited for a causal player or somebody looking for a violin for fiddling.

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  • Condition: Used

German 4/4 1930 Merson Concert Model (#2235) Violin

Price: $575.00
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