German 4/4 1924 EH Roth "Enrico Robella" Violin
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This nice full size violin for sale was made by the Ernst Heinrich Roth violin company in Markneukirchen, GERMANY in 1924This violin is labeled "Enrico Robella", one of the labels that Ernst Heinrich Roth used when he felt like pretending to be Italian to get around marketing laws in Germany.  Please note that this is not the same as the Robelli label that SamAsh uses for a very low end violin that they carry.  The Roth factory created many lovely violins in the early 20th century and this violin is no different.  It has a lovely yellow varnish, a fine one-piece back, and good construction.  This Enrico Robella Violin's good sound is Italian in name only; it has a bright German tone that projects well.  This violin has no repairs

Priced at $3200.00, It would be an excellent violin for a serious high school student.

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German 4/4 1924 EH Roth "Enrico Robella" Violin

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