Different angles showing a "Antonio Loveri" Tonk Brothers Violin and label
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This lovely full-size German shop violin for sale was imported to the United States by the Tonk Brothers in Chicago circa 1920The violin is labeled "Antonio Loveri", a trade name under which the Tonk Bros imported.  Despite the Italian sounding name, this violin was made in Markneukirchen, a German city with a strong reputation for well made violins.  This Loveri has fancy wood and a beautifully flamed, one piece back.  The varnish and craftsmanship are clearly good; however, there is one rather large repaired top crack.  The Loveri Violin projects well; the tone is commanding with good overtones and without being overly bright. 

Priced at $3200.00, a serious student would find this to be a great violin.

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  • Condition: Used

German 4/4 1920 Tonk Bros Antonio Loveri Violin

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