German 4/4 1910 Wolff Brothers Violin
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This fine full size violin for sale was made in Kreuznach, GERMANY by the Wolff BrothersLeopold and Ferdinand Wolff made this particular violin in 1910 to be marketed in England, hence the label states "Made Abroad".  This violin has a nice, tight grain wood on the top and a yellowy-orange varnish.  It has a small repaired crack to the right of the saddle on the top, but very few knicks from age and use.  This Wolff Brothers Violin is a bit warmer and sweeter in sound than many German violins are, and it is quite pleasant to listen to. 

Priced at $3200.00, this violin would make a lovely instrument for an advancing violinist.

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German 4/4 1910 Wolff Brothers Violin

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