Images of a W Seifert 3/4 bass bow. The bow has a half mounted German style frog and was made in Germany. Bow has been refurbished at Master Hand Violin Shop.
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This fine German 3/4 bass bow for sale was made by the Lothar Seifert workshop and accordingly stamped W Seifert above the frog.  The round stick of this bass bow is made of pernambuco wood and is exceptionally lovely.  The frog is German style, made of ebony, and is half mounted.  This bow plays and handles very well, drawing out a deep gritty warmth from the basses it has played on.  This 3/4 Seifert Bass Bow is old and has been refurbished into perfect condition at Master Hand Violin Shop; there is absolutely nothing wrong with it including warping or other signs of wear. 

Priced at $900.00, this Seifert will play excellently for an advanced bass player.

  • Item #: SWBB
  • Condition: Used

German 3/4 W Seifert Bass Bow - German Style

Price: $900.00
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