Images of a 3/4 German violin made in a factory around 1940. Images show that violin has a typical look for 1940 as there is no label in this violin.
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This nice German 3/4 Violin for sale is German shop made without a label and without a known maker or factory.  It was made around 1940, making it one of the last before West German style instruments began.  For its era, this violin is nicely carved and varnished with a yellow varnish.  This violin is in very good condition; there are neither repairs made to this violin nor serious signs of wear or use.  This little violin's sound is clear and crisp and it projects well. 

Priced at $1200.00, this 3/4 violin would make a good instrument for an advanced young player who wants a German instrument that plays above a beginner instrument.
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German 3/4 1940 Violin

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