Images of a 3/4 Karl (Carl) Hofner violin made just before World War II. Violin is in excellent condition with no repairs.
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This nice old 3/4 German violin for sale was made by the Karl (Carl) Hofner factory prior to World War II around 1930It has been maintained well; there is no history of repairs or blemishes of any kind.  The wood chosen for both the front and the back is good and the flame on the back is attractive.  The tone of this Karl Hofner Violin is rich and bright, and the violin projects nicely; it is far superior most post-World War II West German violins that are frequently used for rental instruments. 

Priced at $1500.00, this Hofner violin would be a good choice instrument for a very serious young player who needs a better sound than a beginner level instrument can provide.

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  • Condition: Used

German 3/4 1930 Karl (Carl) Hofner Violin

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