Images of a 1923 3/4 Neuner and Hornsteiner violin. Images of the front, back, scroll, and label show that the violin was kept up extremely well and is in great condition. Label shows German origin
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This nice 3/4 violin for sale was made in the Neuner & Hornsteiner workshop in Mittenwald, GERMANY in 1923This 3/4 Neuner & Hornsteiner Violin is in great condition; there are no repairs of any nature anywhere on this instrument.  The sound is bright and clear although not necessarily as full and rich as some of this workshop's earlier made instruments.  Still, the craftsmanship by the workshop is good, and a nice brown varnish was used; this violin is clearly nicer than an average student instrument. 

Priced at $1500.00, this Neuner & Hornsteiner would make a nice little violin for a young player who wants a nicer sound and violin than what a beginner instrument can offer.

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  • Condition: Used

German 3/4 1923 Neuner and Hornsteiner Violin

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