Images of a 3/4 violin made by Franz Schubert. This little violin is hand-carved and has a lovely brown varnish.
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This lovely little German 3/4 violin for sale was made by Franz Schubert around 1920.  Almost nothing is known about this maker other than that he hand carved this instrument.  This little violin has an excellent sound as well as lovely varnish and construction.  It is made of very fine wood for a small size instrument; the curl is nice and the flame of the back is very good.  The 3/4 Schubert Violin's varnish is a lovely light brown.  The tone this violin produces rivals many full size violins in terms of fullness and projection.  The sound is moderately bright, but it is also sweet and tempered.  The Schubert violin has a history of two minor top crack repairs only

Priced at $4000.00, it will find a perfect home with an advanced young violin student or a small statured adult violinist.

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German 3/4 1920 Franz Schubert Handmade Violin

Price: $4,000.00
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