Images of a 3/4 Ernst Reinhold Schmidt (E.R. Schmidt) violin around 1900. Label image shows signature of E.R. Schmidt himself, indicating this violin to be of the highest quality.
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This attractive 3/4 German violin for sale is a Stradivarius copy made by Ernst Reinhold Schmidt and Co in Saxony circa 1900The violin is signed by E.R. Schmidt on the label, indicating it is his highest quality violin.  This 3/4 E.R. Schmidt Violin has good wood and was well constructed.  It has a lovely spirit varnish and only few cosmetic signs of wear.  It is in excellent condition with two small f-hole crack repairs only.  It has a dark, bold tone and many ringing overtones. 

Priced at $3000.00, this violin would make an excellent solo violin for an advanced young player who wants a violin capable of performing well beyond that of a standard rental instrument. 

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  • Condition: Used

German 3/4 1900 Ernst Reinhold Schmidt Signed Violin

Price: $3,000.00
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