Images of an early Neuner and Hornsteiner 3/4 violin. This violin was made around 1880 and is a very nice example of their violins. The varnish and craftsmanship are highlighted in these images.
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This older German 3/4 violin for sale was nicely made in Mittenwald, GERMANY by the Neuner & Hornsteiner duo.  It was made sometime around the year 1880, making it one of the early violins made in their factory after they teamed up.  As an early instrument, this is one of the nicer Neuner & Hornsteiner Violins.  Time and skill went into crafting it; the wood is nice and the back has a nice flame.  This instrument has a good tone that is moderately bright and carries to the audience well.  It has a minor top crack repair, but this in no way affects the sound or value of this violin. 

Priced at $2000.00, this Neuner & Hornsteiner would serve an aspiring young violin soloist very well until ready for a full size instrument.

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German 3/4 1880 Neuner and Hornsteiner Early Violin

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