German 15 & 2/3" 1900 E. Martin, Sachsen Viola
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This handsome 15 & 2/3" viola for sale was made in Saxony, GERMANY. It was imported into the US in the early 1900's by Bruno and Sons, a New York importer no longer in business.  This viola was given the label E Martin, Sachsen, though this viola is probably not from the Martin shop; E Martin was a trade name used by Bruno and Sons on many instruments from Saxony.  This 15 & 2/3" E Martin Viola is not quite full sized, making it an excellent instrument for a small statured violist.  It has nice wood and solid construction.  The varnish is applied nicely and the sound of this viola is full.  It has no consequential repairs.nbsp; This E Martin viola plays as well as and sounds as big as many equivalently priced 16" violas. 

For $2450.00, a smaller viola player would be happy to advance through high school on this viola.

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German 15 & 2/3" 1900 E. Martin, Sachsen Viola

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