German 15" 1960 Stradivarius Copy Deep Body Viola
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This 15 inch viola for sale was made in a West German factory c 1960 and is a step-up student instrument. It does not bear a maker's name, so more specific details are unclear.  The viola has a rather large sound for a small instrument.  Its very deep body is as deep as any 16 inch viola, allowing it to achieve its large, deep sound.  This Stradivarius Copy 15" Viola has a lovely yellow varnish and the two-piece back has an attractive flame.  It has been previously used, but has no cracks and is in very fine condition.

Priced at $2450.00, this viola would make an excellent choice for a small statured high school student who is too advanced for a rental quality viola.

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  • Condition: Used

German 15" 1960 Stradivarius Copy Deep Body Viola

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