Images of a nice 15 and 1/4 inch German viola. The maker of this viola is unknown, but it was made around 1930.
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This nice viola for sale measures 15 & 1/4 inches in length.  It is of German origin, but the specific maker or German factory remains unknown; it was made circa 1930.  The viola is well crafted for an instrument of this size, and it has a substantially nicer tone than any viola that might be part of a rental program.  This 15 & 1/4" German Viola is in good condition with some minor cosmetic wear only.  The tone is moderate, and it carries well for a small size viola. 

Priced at $1400.00, this would be a very acceptible instrument for a high school player who wants a good sounding viola but is not yet large enough for a full size instrument. 

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German 15 & 1/4" 1930 Viola

Price: $1,400.00
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