German 15& 1/2" 1994 Gustav August Ficker "Sarasate" #2528 Viola
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This 15 & 1/2 inch viola for sale was made by the Gustav August Ficker factory in Mittenwald, GERMANY in 1994It was made for an imported by William Lewis and Son in Chicago.  Ficker himself was cousins with Roth and also produced many nice instruments.  This viola is a "Sarasate" Strad model (#2528), which is the most entry level instrument that Ficker made for Lewis and Son.  However, it is still a nice instrument!  This 15 & 1/2" Sarasate Viola is carved throughout.  The back wood has a quite fancy flame.  The varnish is yellowy-orange.  The fittings are fancy ebony.  This viola has a German sound; it is bold and projects well.  It is not overly bright.  This Ficker has some superficial signs of wear, but it has no signficiant repairs

For $1600.00, this viola would be well suited to an advancing young player or an aspiring, smaller adult.

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German 15& 1/2" 1994 Gustav August Ficker "Sarasate" #2528 Viola

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