German 15 & 1/2" 1970 Anton Schroetter Viola
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This 15 & 1/2 inch viola for sale was made c. 1970 in West Germany.  The label identifies this as an Anton Schroetter company viola, made in Mittenwald, #102.  It has a nice golden orange varnish, and is well carved.  The 15 & 1/2" Schroetter Viola has been previously used and has a few minor varnish blemishes, but the construction is solid and there are no repaired damages.  The viola is moderately bright in tone, and it projects well in an orchestra. 

This viola is a little small for an average full size, so or $875.00, it would be a good choice for an advancing young player or a small statured and casual player.
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  • Condition: Used

German 15 & 1/2" 1970 Anton Schroetter Viola

Price: $875.00
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