German 1/2 1972 Roman Teller Model #230 Violin
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This very fine little violin for sale is a 1/2 Roman Teller ViolinIt is model #230, made in 1972.  It was made under Roman Teller in his West German factory shortly before his death.  This Roman Teller is in excellent condition with no damage and is among the nicest Roman Teller's ever made; it easily has the sound of a $5000.00 violin.  It has a nice yellow-orange varnish, with a nice tight grain wood and good flame.  The violin has good projection for a student violin with a ringing, bright sound that will help an advanced young player to achieve a good tone that is superior to a rental violin tone. 

For $3000.00, a serious, young player probably could not do better than this violin.

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  • Condition: Used

German 1/2 1972 Roman Teller Model #230 Violin

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