French 4/4 1920 JTL Gretsch "REX" Violin
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This intermediate level full size French Strad copy violin for sale was made by the Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy (JTL) factory in Mirecourt.  It was made and imported around 1920 by the NY-based guitar company Gretsch.  Under the right f-hole, this violin is labeled "REX, superior for tone and workmanship", which was the label of Gretsch's highest quality instruments.  The left f-hole label says "made in France" and bears the JTL logo.  This REX violin was well constructed, as are all the JTL factory instruments.  It is rare to find a French violin available in the intermediate price range, making this a good buy.  The sound is nice, bright, and in the style typical to French instruments.  The REX Violinhas 2 minor repairs and is in excellent condition. 

For $2200.00, an aspiring young violinist who wants a French instrument would love this violin.

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French 4/4 1920 JTL Gretsch "REX" Violin

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