French 4/4 1890 Vuillaume à Paris Copy Violin
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This full size violin for sale is a Vuillaume copy made in a French factory c 1890It has a false "Vuillaume à Paris" label, but it is clearly made in France.  It has a lovely two-piece back with a tight grain and good flame; the carving of the body is quite good.  The varnish is typical French varnish.  This Vuillaume Copy Violin has tone that rings very well and is sweet and bright.  There are a couple of repaired and secured top cracks that are insignificant and barely noticeable.  The varnish is also a little worn on the upper right from a previous violinist playing difficult music/scales. 

For $3250.00, this Vuillaume copy would make an excellent violin for an advancing violinist.

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  • Condition: Used

French 4/4 1890 Vuillaume à Paris Copy Violin

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