Images of a very nice 3/4 violin that was made in Germany in 1914 and imported into the U.S. through the Chicago based importers, Lyon and Healy. The violin is in lovely condition as evidenced by the images.
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This attractive 3/4 violin for sale was made in an unknown French factory in 1914.  It was subsequently imported into the United States by Lyon and Healy (Chicago based importers), and assigned model #1028.  #1028 was the nicest French model that Lyon and Healy imported at the time. This small size instrument is in excellent condition and has a lovely yellow varnish.  Both the spruce and maple are good, the violin is highly flamed, the scroll has black piping, and the violin's craftsmanship goes beyond that which is usually seen in a small size violin.  The sound is on the brighter side of German instruments, and the 3/4 Lyon and Healy Violin projects well. The only repair made to this instrument was securing an insignificant f-hole crack over the right f- hole

For $3000.00, this Lyon and Healy violin would be a nice instrument for an advanced young violinist.

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French 3/4 1914 Lyon and Healy #1028 Violin

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