French 16" viola labeled René Cune. Viola was made around 1945 in Mirecourt. There is some question over the authenticity of this viola.
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This lovely, handmade 16 inch viola is labeled René Cune.  The label is not in perfect condition and there is question over whether or not this is an authentic label.  The instrument appears to be a Mirecourt, FRANCE instrument from around 1945.  There are no repairs to this instrument, and it has been kept in excellent condition.  The sound of this 16" Cune Viola is very big, bright, and full.  It has a well varnished body and is attractive to the eye. 

Priced at $4750.00, this viola will make an excellent instrument for an advanced violist who is looking for a good viola at a low price.

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French 16" 1945 René Cune Viola

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