Images of a 15 and 1/8 inch viola made somewhere in Europe approximately 100 years ago. Viola has lovely varnish and sound. No label image is shown as viola has no label.
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This lovely, small size viola measures 15 & 1/8 inches.  The maker has not labeled his instrument, and the country of origin is not clear.  This viola was European made approximately 100 years ago c 1900.  It is a very attractive 15 & 1/8 European Viola with a lovely spirit varnish and excellent hand crafting and fine wood.  The viola is in excellent condition considering its age; there are no serious repairs and all signs of wear are simply cosmetic in the blonde yellow varnish. It has had one small f hole crack and one small crack by the saddle on the right hand side repaired.  The tone of this viola is not overly bright; it is rich, deep, and full beyond what would be expected based on its size.  It has particularly wonderfully ringing overtones. 

For $3200.00, this instrument would be a very fine choice for an advanced, small-statured player.

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European 1900 15 & 1/8 Inch Viola

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