Czech 4/4 2004 Jan Dvorak Signature 35F Violin
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This full size violin for sale was made by the small Jan Dvorak company in the Czech Republic c 2004.  It was made for the Knilling String Company and is the top of the line "Signature (35F)" model.  Dvorak produces many fine instruments (including the extremely popular Dvorak bass bow), and this is no different.  This handcrafted violin is made of fine Bavarian spruce and European maple.  It has a nice two piece back, a golden orange varnish, and is fitted with attractive boxwood fittings.  The Dvorak Signature Violin is rich sounding and more full than many Czech instruments; it plays well across all notes.  It is brand new and has no factory blemishes or faults. 

For $3045.00, this Dvorak will be an excellent violin for an advancing violinist.

  • Item #: JDS
  • Condition: New

Czech 4/4 2004 Jan Dvorak Signature 35F Violin

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