Images of a 3/4 bass bow made by Czech company of Jan Dvorak. Bow has pernambuco wood and a French style ebony frog.
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This Czech - made 3/4 bass bow for sale by Jan Dvorak is extremely popular among advanced high school bass players.  The Dvorak Bass Bow was made in 2008 and has an octagonal stick and is made of fine pernambuco wood.  The frog fits well, is made from ebony, and is in the French-style.  This particular bow is popular because it plays very easily and provides the deep, smooth, and powerful sound that every bass player is seeking.  This bow is brand new and in great condition; the camber is good and the stick is straight. 

For $725.00, we highly recommend this bow for advanced high school and college bass players.

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  • Condition: New

Czech 3/4 2008 Jan Dvorak Bass Bow - French Style

Price: $725.00
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