Images of a 3/4 bass made in 2007 by the Rudolf Fiedler workshop in Czech Republic. Images show a lovely yellow varnished bass with large dimensions and able to make a large, powerful sound. Bass is new.
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This attractive Czech 3/4 bass for sale was hand-carved in 2007 by the small (Rudolf) Rudolph Fiedler workshop.  The bass has not been previously owned and has no signs of wear; there are no faults with this bass.  The carving is excellent and the yellow-brown varnish is lovely.  It's dimensions are a little larger than many 3/4 basses, which helps give it its deep and rich sound.  This 3/4 Rudolph Fiedler Bass plays as well as many basses priced in the 20K's and is a very good deal. 

For $9900.00, this Fiedler would make an excellent bass for an advanced college/ professional player who is looking for a good sound at a good price.

  • Item #: BRF
  • Condition: New

Czech 3/4 2007 Rudolph Fiedler Large Dimensions Bass

Price: $9,900.00
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