Image of a viola bow frog, new and made by the Jacques Remy company in China. The stick has Remy stamped just above the frog.
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This full size Chinese viola bow for sale, made by the Jacques Remy company in 2010, is a very good entry level bow.  The Remy is made of brazilwood and the stick is octagonal with a frog made from ebony.  This bow is a substantial step up for any beginning violist who is contemplating a fiberglass bow.  The handling and camber are significantly superior to fiberglass bows.  This viola bow is new from the factory and in unused condition.  This Remy viola bow would be a good choice for an aspiring violist or an advancing violist who wants a spare bow.

  • Item #: VRB
  • Condition: New

Chinese Full Size 2010 Jacques Remy Brazilwood Viola Bow

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