Images of a full size violin bow made in China by the Jacques Remy factory. The bow is made of brazilwood and has a solid ebony frog with a pearl eye and the Remy stamp.
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This Chinese - manufactured violin bow for sale, stamped Remy, is a nicely made beginner level bow.  It was made in 2012 has a good brazilwood stick along with a solid ebony frog with a pearl eye.  This Jacques Remy Violin Bow is substantially better than any fiberglass bow or equivalently priced European bow.  It handles especially well for the price and allows the violinist to advance with bowing and playing in ways that a fiberglass bow does not permit.  This Remy violin bow will help the violin project a clear, smooth sound.  It is brand new from the Remy China factory and is in tip-top shape. 

For just $39.95, this Remy violin bow would work well for an aspiring violinist or an advancing young violinist who wants a second/spare bow.

  • Item #: RVB
  • Condition: New

Chinese 4/4 2012 Jacques Remy Brazilwood Violin Bow

Price: $39.95
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