Chinese 4/4 2011 Snow PV1000 Maggini Copy Violin
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This attractive full size violin for sale was made in Beijing, CHINA by the Snow Stringed Instruments company.  This violin is the PV1000 Maggini Copy Violinmodel.  The PV1000 has nice double purfling on the top and fancy purfling on the back.  The scroll has a nice double twist.  The wood used is nicely aged European spruce and maple.  The violin was made new in 2011, so there are no repairs and the instrument's already sweet sound is expected to improve with playing.  This PV1000 is standard Snow quality: very well made with a sweeter sound that projects well and is not too bright. 

Priced at $3500.00, this instrument would make a lovely violin for the advancing violinist.

  • Item #: MAGS
  • Condition: New

Chinese 4/4 2011 Snow PV1000 Maggini Copy Violin

Price: $3,500.00
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