Images of a full size violin bow made in China and stamped "Vianna". Bow has a nice horn frog and is made pernambuco wood.
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This nicely made full size violin bow for sale was made in 2010 and is labeled "Vianna".  It is a high quality Chinese bow that is made of pernambuco wood with a round stick; the frog is a nice horn frog.  This bow plays very well and helps smooth out uneven sounding violins.  Additionally, the Horn Vianna Violin Bow handles all different bow strokes well.  The bow is new so it has no wear, no warping, and retains a good camber. 

For $420.00, an advancing student who is looking for maximum playability at a lower price would appreciate the Vianna bow.

  • Item #: VHF
  • Condition: New

Chinese 4/4 2010 "Vianna" Pernambuco & Horn Frog Violin Bow

Price: $420.00
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