Images of a fancy full-size Chinese violin that has extra abalone inlay all over this instrument. No label is shown as this Chinese violin does not contain a label.
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This Chinese violin for sale is fun to look at in addition to being fun to play.  This violin was made in 2009; however, the maker is unknown, and there is no label.  The violin is very unique.  There is abalone inlay on the ribs and in the extra fancy purfling.  This violin has a one-piece back made of highly flamed wood, a rarity in this level of instrument.  The varnish is an attractive yellow-brown.  The sound has a moderate quality, neither too bright nor too dark; this Chinese Abalone Violin has a full sound the carries well without sounding harsh.  As this violin is new, it should play in and the sound will improve with age. 

For $715.00, this violin would make a fun instrument for an aspiring violinist who is looking for a good tone and is charmed by this violin's looks.

  • Item #: PVW
  • Condition: New

Chinese 4/4 2009 Extra Fancy Abalone Inlay Violin

Price: $715.00
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