Images of a 2007 William Hu & Snow full size Chinese cello. Images show the front, back, scrolls, and label of this cello. The cello is fully carved and has lovely wood on the front and back.
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This nice, full-size cello for sale was made in China by William Hu & Snow in 2007It is the lovely JHS cello, showcasing the best of China's instrument making abilities.  The William Hu & Snow JHS Cello is hand carved and made of lovely wood; it has a nice two-piece back and an attractive varnish.  The cello has a nice moderate tone that is neither too bright nor too dark; the tone is sweet and the instrument handles well.  This instrument is in new condition from the Snow workshop. 

At $7600.00, the Snow cello would make a great selection for an advanced student cellist.

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  • Condition: New
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Chinese 4/4 2007 William Hu & Snow JHS Cello

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