Images of a 3/4 bass bow made by JI Strings, a manufacturer and wholesaler in China. The images show the frog is ebony and French style and the stick is of woven carbon fiber.
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This Chinese 3/4 bass bow by JI Strings, a manufacturer and wholesaler in China, is a good buy.  This Neotek II JI bow was made in 2011 and is made of black woven carbon fiber, which makes it stronger than the average carbon fiber bow.  This Neotek II JI Bass Bow has a French style ebony frog and round stick; the stick is straight, strong, and with good camber.  It draws out a deep and dark melodious sound and grips the strings nicely.  It has never been previously owned, and there are no defects from the factory. 

Priced at $358.00, this bass bow would make a good primary bow for the advancing high school bassist or a good second bow for the more serious player.

  • Item #: C50B
  • Condition: New

Chinese 3/4 2011 JI Strings Neotek Bass Bow - French Style

Price: $358.00
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