Chinese 17" 2009 West Coast Strings "Sandro Luciano" Viola
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This 17 inch viola for sale was made in 2009.  It is the Sandro Luciano model viola made by West Coast Strings in China.  It is unusual to find a viola this large; in fact, this particular viola is no longer made.  It is a good find for someone with long arms.  The 17" Sandro Luciano Viola has an attractive look to it; the varnish is a lovely golden brown and the maple back has a vibrant flame.  The construction of the Luciano is very solid; the carving is good.  This instrument has a deep viola sound that is rich but not overly dark.  It rings and carries well.  This viola is brand new and has no damage or wear anywhere on the instrument. 

For $2400.00, the Sandro Luciano viola will make a nice viola for an advancing, long-armed student violist.  *Please note that because of the large size of this viola, it will come with a case designed by West Coast Strings rather than Bobelock.

  • Item #: SLV
  • Condition: New

Chinese 17" 2009 West Coast Strings "Sandro Luciano" Viola

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