Chinese 16" 2002 Zhang Yuncai Viola
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This nice 16" viola for sale was handmade in the the Zhang workshop in 2002 in China.  It is labeled Zhang Yuncai and is the highest quality instrument that Zhang produces.  Zhang Yuncai does not appear to be a real person.  This viola is quite attractively made.  The European spruce top is tightly grained and the back is highly flamed maple.  The quality of the craftsmanship is good; the viola is well carved and attention was paid to detail.  The corners are very pointy and nicely carved.  The varnish is a nice rubbed red spirit varnish.  This 16" Zhang Yuncai Viola has a nice tone; it is sweet and moderate without being either too dark or too nasal.  The viola is new and in perfect condition. 

At $4250.00, this Zhang viola would be well suited to an advanced high school violist.

  • Item #: ZYV
  • Condition: New

Chinese 16" 2002 Zhang Yuncai Viola

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