Brazilian 4/4 Marco Raposo "Luciano" Nickel Mounted Cello Bow
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This full size Marco Raposo Cello Bow for sale, made by the Brazilian Marco Raposo company, is becoming quite popular.  Marco Raposo works by sustainably harvesting brazilwood from a limited number of trees in Brazil; these bows have a distinct advantage in both ecological responsibility and wood quality over European bows based on the factory's proximity to the brazilwood trees.  This particular Raposo violin was made by skilled craftsman Luciano, and it is brand new from the factory.  The weight of the bow is 82.5 grams, and it is a strong and straight stick with a nickel mount.  The camber is good and it handles a variety of bow strokes quite well. 

For $1000.00, this Raposo bow will find a good home with an advanced cellist.

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  • Condition: New

Brazilian 4/4 Marco Raposo "Luciano" Nickel Mounted Cello Bow

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