Beginner Violins

All instruments listed as beginner are priced below $1000.00 and are suitable for the violinist who is starting out his career.  We carry only the finest beginner instruments and believe that any of these instruments would be more than adequate for an aspiring musician.  All prices reflect the inclusion of $75.00 shaped thermoplastic case that will be used for shipping purposes.

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Romanian 4/4 2002 Gliga Violin Images of a German factory violin made around 1930 and imported by Merson Importers. Images show that violin is labeled as a "Concert Model" violin.
Romanian 4/4 2002 Gliga ViolinGerman 4/4 1930 Merson Concert Model (#2235) Violin

Romanian 4/4 violin made by the Gliga workshop in 2002.  Violin is new with no repairs.

German 4/4 Merson imported violin made c 1930.  It is the concert model, serial number 2235.  The Merson is ready to be used.



Images of a fancy full-size Chinese violin that has extra abalone inlay all over this instrument. No label is shown as this Chinese violin does not contain a label. Czech 4/4 1935 Strad Copy Violin
Chinese 4/4 2009 Extra Fancy Abalone Inlay ViolinCzech 4/4 1935 Strad Copy Violin

New 4/4 violin made in China by an unknown maker or company.  Violin has abalone inlay on ribs, extra fancy purfling, and a one piece back. 

Czech 4/4 Strad Copy Violin made just prior to World War II.  Violin has an excellent sound for the price.



Chinese 4/4 Arcos Brasil Heritage Violin German 4/4 1890 Hopf Copy Violin
Chinese 4/4 Arcos Brasil Heritage ViolinGerman 4/4 1890 Hopf Copy Violin

Chinese 4/4 violin made for Arcos Brasil; this recently launched instrument is called the Heritage Violin.  The Heritage is newly made.

German 4/4 Hopf copy violin made c. 1890.  Violin is in very good condition and will be excellent for fiddling.



Chinese 4/4 2009 Snow SV200 Violin
Chinese 4/4 2009 Snow SV200 Violin

Chinese 4/4 Snow SV200 violin made in 2009.  The SV200 is in lovely condition.


1 - 7 of 7 items

Not all instruments available for sale are currently listed on this site.  We have many more new and used German, Romanian, Czech, and Chinese instruments for sale as well as instruments that were previously part of our rental program.  Feel free to contact us to find out more.