Beginner Violas

All violas lister here are !6 inches or longer and priced at $1000.00 or less.  These instruments are suitable for the violist who is beginning his career yet still wants the most beautiful tone possible in a student quality instrument.

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Images of a 2006 16 inch viola made by the Romania Matthias Thoma workshop. Viola is new and images of the front, back, and scroll show solid construction. German 16" 2000 Pegasus "The Leipzig" #VA05 Viola
Romanian 16" 2006 Mathias Thoma Workshop ViolaGerman 16" 2000 Pegasus "The Leipzig" #VA05 Viola

Romanian 16 inch viola made in 2006 by the Mathias Thoma factory.  Viola is still new and has no flaws.

German 16" "Leipzig" model viola made for the Pegasus Stringed Instrument Co.  Viola was made c 2000 and is in wonderful condition.



Images of an 16 inch Otto Ernst Fischer viola. The label image indicates that the viola was made in 1991 in Germany. The images show that the viola is in good condition with no major repairs. Images of a 16 inch viola labeled C. Meisel and made around 1970. The images show a nice yellow varnish and the viola has a good tone.
German 16" 1991 Otto Ernst Fischer ViolaWest German 16" 1970 Kurt (Curt) Meisel Viola

German-made 16 inch viola labeled Otto Ernst Fischer.  Viola was made in 1991, is previously used, and remains in excellent condition.

West German 16 inch viola made by Curt Meisel around 1970.  Meisel viola has had no repairs and thus is ready to be played.



1 - 4 of 4 items

Not all instruments available are currently listed on this site.  Please contact us if you want to know what else is available or are interested in any of the following:

  • Sandner Violas, German, new and used
  • Knilling Violas, German, new and used
  • Gliga Violas, Romanian, new
  • Pfretzschner Violas, older German, used
  • Werner Violas, German, new and used
  • Hofner Violas, German, used
  • Snow Violas, Chinese, new
  • West Coast Strings Violas, Chinese, new